• Friendly and professional management of all guest communication
  • Coordination of all bookings on multiple lodging marketplaces (AirBNB, VRBO, Google, etc.)
  • Inclusion of property as a part of the Local Lodging family of properties, including social media and website presence
  • Marketing unique and tailored to each property to maximize bookings
  • Advice and coordination of property improvements to increase guest satisfaction and compete in a competitive market
  • Coordination and scheduling of all housekeeping, laundry, maintenance, snow removal, and lawn care
  • Onboarding process including licensing of property with state and local governments
  • Professional photography to ensure maximum customer appeal
  • Pricing technology to maximize profits based on supply, demand, season, and area events
  • Protection for properties and belongings as well as house rules
  • Guest screening and background checks
For Future Owners



Initial Walkthrough

We will walk through the property with you to familiarize ourselves with the space and determine its ability to compete in the vacation rental market.


Management Agreement

After discussing necessary improvements and onboarding requirements, a management agreement will be signed. Congrats, you’re officially a Local Lodging property owner!



Our team will take inventory of what your property currently has for supplies and get everything ready for guests.


Maintenance Inspection and Licensure

A full maintenance inspection will be completed and the process of obtaining the necessary licenses and permits will begin. We will ensure proper taxes and fees are set to be collected.


Full Scope of Work and Projects

After inspections are completed, we will ensure necessary repairs. We will also begin improvements to make your property marketable to guests. A professional photographer will take photos of the property.



Your listing will now be up and running, ready to accept bookings!